Please be aware that this site is under major construction, and therefore the information provided here is not complete at the moment. If you would like to know more or get a better idea of what is happening here at Living Water Fellowship, then please give us a call or visit our Facebook page. Thank you!
We are a non-denominational church committed to being in His presence. We believe that worship is not the warm-up, it is the main event. Worship brings God’s presence, and His presence is what changes us and empowers us to live the lives that He intended for all of His believers. Jesus wants to encounter us every single day, and it is important for us to worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth We believe that we need to have an encounter with Jesus, so that we become an encounter (filled with His Spirit), so that others can have an encounter. The Holy Spirit lives inside each of us, and it is our duty to spread the Good News of His kingdom to this world.
We are a small church, and we value the family-oriented environment at Living Water Fellowship. It is the belief that Jesus wants a relationship with us, but He also wants us to have loving, intimate relationships with each other as well. We are a real group of people, striving to live life together, closer with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and each other, to hopefully be a light to this community.